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South Carolina law stipulates that an individual convicted of the felony of armed robbery must be sentenced to no less than 10 years in prison, without eligibility of parole until at least 8.5 years are served (SC Code § 16-11-330).  An individual may be armed with a weapon such as a pistol, knife, slingshot, razor, etc. or allege they are armed with a deadly weapon during the commission of the crime for it to be considered armed or attempted armed robbery.

A person can be charged with robbery if they use force, or threat by force, to take property belonging to another person or entity.  This can include personal property or property in a store or bank.  A robbery offense committed at a federally insured financial institution can result in federal charges.

Robbery is serious offense which can result in significant time in prison.  If you have been charged with robbery or attempted robbery, you need a qualified criminal defense attorney to handle your case.  We sit down with you to obtain your account of the events that have transpired, review any available surveillance of the alleged robbery and evaluate police reports and victim(s) statements.  As a criminal defense attorney, our goal is to ensure your constitutional rights are preserved and you receive fair representation in a court of law.

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